Policy and Advocacy


To see knowledgeable women who are empowered and are able to assert their rights as well as full and equal enjoyment of all rights by women and children. To see a South African Society that is sensitive to the needs and care of children.

Policy and Advocacy Programmes:

  1. Para-legal
  2. Court Support
  3. Community / Public Education Presentation
  4. Lobbying


  • Provide legal advice and legal counselling to clients at the office and at court. This is done to empower women on relevant legal rights and court procedures. This is done face to face or telephonically.
  • Conduct internal information sessions to equip staff members with the right information on prevailing laws and interpretation of Acts and also keep them up to date.
  • Follow up on client cases and making proper referrals to appropriate institutions to avoid clients being sent from pillar to post.
  • Liaise with investigating officers especially in rape cases and keep clients updated about progress in their cases.


  • Assist clients to fill in protection order forms at Philippi Magistrate’s Court.
  • Public educational talks at Philippi Magistrate’s Courts so as to build people’s understanding of the justice system and boost their confidence so they can be able to be assertive.
  • Provision of legal advice at court and referrals to appropriate institutions.
  • Conduct Court picketing to influence relevant authorities’ especially in femicide and rape cases and also provide support to affected families and communities.


  • empowerment and educational/ training workshops in communities on relevant pieces of legislation and simple court procedures so as to build public capacity around knowing the content of laws and procedures to achieve available remedies.
  • Direct communities to resources
  • Educate communities on domestic violence


  • Networking with relevant stakeholders to ensure a co-ordinated effort and comprehensive service delivery to the communities and finding solutions in collaboration
  • Lobbying and advocacy to influence policy makers and create more attention to domestic violence and also for better integration of domestic of domestic violence issues with other issues.


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