Our Vision


To assist in the elimination of all kinds of domestic violence especially those that occur in the domestic domain where the ideology of privacy is strong.


Ilitha Labantu strives to end violence & abuse against women and children in disadvantaged communities. We provide emotional support, practical advise, education and training for coping with and addressing violence against women and children. We utilize interactive inclusive methodologies in our education and empowerment programs.


EMPATHY: awareness of power relations and respect for human rights

CONFIDENTIALITY: to protect and maintain client confidentiality

PROFESSIONALISM: Communicate, behave and execute all duties in a manner that enhances the positive image of Ilitha Labantu, to use available resources efficiently and effectively to stop the surge of violence against women and children

LISTEN: to be able to listen attentively, supportively and objectively to a client ASSIST: to be able to assist each and every client at all times

EQUALITY: adherence to principles and practices that promote substantive equality

INTEGRITY: commitment and adherence to organizational values and gender equality

ACCOUNTABILITY: honesty, transparency and responsibility


  • Serving all survivors of domestic violence and those supportive of them at anytime, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, income, ability, religion or geography
  • Providing timely access to services and programs
  • Creating a safe,welcoming and respectful environment where survivors and their families can heal and grow working to end the silence surrounding violence against women and children, and to end the stigma found within our comunities through outreach programs
  • Raising awareness about how societal acceptance of oppression relates to the incidence of sexual violence
  • Promoting a work environment that empowers each person to do their work to their fullest capacity that supports each person in their efforts, and that inspires teamwork in order to provide the best service to the community.