Our Mission

litha Labantu strives to end violence against women and children in disadvantaged communities (townships and rural areas). We provide emotional support, practical advise, education and training for coping with addressing violence against women and children. We utilize interactive and inclusive methodologies in our educational and empowerment programs.

Values Standards of Ilitha Labantu

  • Empathy: awareness of power relations and respect for human rights
  • Respect: maintain a non judgmental and private relationship with clients
  • Professionalism: communicate, behave and execute duties in a manner that enhance the positive image of Ilitha Labantu
  • Listen: to be able to listen attentively to a client and not to interfere
  • Assist: be able to assist and refer clients
  • Equality: adherence to principles and practices that promote substantive equality
  • Integrity: commitment and adherence to organizational values and gender equality
  • Accountability: honesty, understanding and responsibility