One Too Many SA Pledge

As an organisation we are saying it is a human rights issue; it’s everyone’s problem; it’s not isolated; and it’s never going to be acceptable again. It has to change. It’s your duty, my duty, and ours to change it.   “Don’t be a standby; your child is my child”.

The national Campaign to Stop Rape & Brutal Killing of our women and girls Starts Now. Every action and every member is important – so we also asked you to share your own pledge. A personal pledge of the action you will take within your own community for the Campaign. Sign the pledge by submitting your name on the right.


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#I PLEDGE to stop the abduction, rape and killing of women and girls in our communities. Together we demand bold political leadership to prevent rape and brutal killing, to protect civilians and rape survivors, and call for justice for all including effective prosecution of those responsible.

One Too Many


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