Food and Nutrition

Comprehensive Food Security Programme

Ilitha Labantu’s Comprehensive Food Security Programme and Food Distribution models strongly focus on strengthening community organisation for social health and local economic development. Ilitha has created and implemented methodologies that promote a holistic community-driven approach to development by capacitating communities to become food secure through job creation initiatives, food support programmes and extended counselling and rehabilitation services for vulnerable women and children affected by domestic violence. Ilitha Labantu’s food distribution models comprises of setting up and operating Community Nutritional Development Centre’s ensuring access to nutritional food for vulnerable and food insecure households.

The objectives of Ilitha Labantu’s Comprehensive Food Security Programme include:

  • Ensuring access to food for the poor and vulnerable members of our society
  • Improve nutrition security of citizens
  • Improve food production capacity of households
  • Develop market channels for emerging farmers and communal gardens through bulk government procurement programmes of food and private sector markets
  • Fostering partnerships with relevant stakeholders within the food supply chain
  • Enhance safety nets and food emergency management systems
  • Job creation and skill training programmes for food insecure communities with a specific focus on women and the youth.