Clinical Department

Vision: Empowered and emotionally balanced survivors of domestic violence.

Mission Statement: To assist the survivors of domestic violence to deal with the trauma of abuse and break the cycle of abuse.

Goal: Reduced violence against women and children in both domestic and general arena.

Clinical Programme encompasses the following activities:

  1. Assessment
  • Screening of cases for purposes of assessing for the eligibility criteria of Ilitha Labantu services, and to refer to relevant service provider’s cases which do not meet the criteria.
  • Identify, use, build and reinforce the abilities that people already have.
  1. Counselling
  • Assist survivors break the cycle of abuse by dealing with the trauma of abuse and to develop coping skills to deal with their problems.
  • Provide an atmosphere that allows battered women to heal from their wounds and increase their capacity of self direction.
  • Provide support for survivors who are victims of Domestic violence and abuse in general.
  1. Referrals
  • Ensuring that people have access to services relevant to their problems.
  • Streamlining and reducing our caseload to be in line with the core vision of the Organisation
  • Ensuring efficient and effective service rendering.
  1. Case Management
  • Optimizing client functioning by providing quality services in the most efficient and effective manner.
  • Controlling the quality of our work.
  • Minimise mistakes.
  • Ensuring that our clients receive proper intervention.
  1. Support Groups
  • Improving the mental and social wellbeing of survivors through the expression of feelings
  • Fostering an atmosphere for mutual support and understanding.
  • Offering a platform for discussion of domestic abuse dynamics
  • To create opportunities for growth and development.
  • Compensating psychological damage.
  1. Sheltering-Dorothy Zihlangu Shelter
  • Offer advice, support and safe accommodation for women and children fleeing domestic abuse.
  • Assist client to deal with the trauma of abuse and to develop coping skills, with the aim of empowering, protect and support clients
  1. Education
  • Raising awareness on issues affecting women and children pertaining domestic violence, rape, and child abuse.
  • Empower domestic abuse survivors through education
  1. Court Support
  • To provide emotional support to survivors in difficult cases
  1. Partnership and networking
  • Creating a strong and comprehensive referral network.
  • Marketing our Organisation, sharing ideas and resources (identify gaps in service delivery and opportunities for training and partnership).
  1. Training
  • Keeping staff updated about developments in the field of their practice.
  1. Awareness Campaigns
  • Empower women and children about their rights.
  • Enlighten the society about violence against women and children, and its effects.
  • Making the society understand the value of women and children.
  • Combating violence against women and children


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