Building Bridges

Building Bridges works to close the gap between one’s life experience and job readiness skills. It takes a holistic approach to employment preparation by addressing individuals’ physical, social, emotional and intellectual facets in the way she approaches learning and employment. This is a unique employment training initiative designed for abused and young women many of whom have experienced early pregnancy.

The program helps women to be employable, increases their self-esteem and thereby their independence and self-reliance. The women are assisted with how to make informed decisions and learn to consider the effects of a job choice on all aspects of her life.

The overall aim of Bridges is to combine life experience with appropriate job readiness skills. The program is a unique employment training initiative designed for abused women and young women who have experience abuse and early pregnancy. This program will help these women to be self-employed or employed, thereby reducing their level of unemployment and dependency. Bridges has the following specific objectives:

  • To assist women to break the abusive cycle by moving from being dependent to being self-directed and independent.
  • To provide specific training in “bridging” or transferable skill to improve learning potential and further training or employment opportunities
  • To enable abused women and young mothers to develop and implement their goal plans for employment and economic independence.
  • To facilitate the ability of these women to support themselves and families.


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