Areas of Focus

The overall aim of Ilitha Labantu is to provide educational programs and services that support and empower women and children in the black community and in rural areas. The long-term objective is to assist women to become more self-reliant and to eliminate violence against women and children. Within this framework, Ilitha Labantu has the following short and long – term objectives:

  • To provide immediate access to support and education services around violence against women and children.
  • To provide counseling to survivors of violence.
  • To run training programs that empower women to participate in individual and community development.
  • To impart both practical and theoretical skills through training courses including:
    • Communication and leadership skills that assist trainees to participate fully in their development fields.
    • Work and training materials that enable trainees to become trainers running courses and workshops themselves.
    • Create a community with an open and supportive atmosphere for dialogue around violence gains women and children.
    • To raise public awareness and share information and knowledge within the community